Saying Yes

Wow!  What a journey we’ve been on!  Ever since getting married in October of 2013, Mark and I have been on a rollercoaster ride.  Prior to being married, we both were serving in worship at different churches.  When we were married we continued at our separate churches, wanting to be together, but  neither one of us quite fit in at the others church.  We wanted to worship together, but it wasn’t working out that way.  After all, we met while doing worship –  It only took us a year later to actually talk to one another, but that’s another story for another time!  Ha

For the first year of marriage, we continued to minister apart on Sundays, but during the week and some weekends we loved the opportunities to be able to minister together at special meetings and conferences.  We had served our church communities and the church as a whole,  separately for so long that we knew when we were married that God was doing something new.

We continued to have one foot in our old lives, prior to being married and one in our new life together, both personally and in things we were doing in ministry.  God began shifting things around, giving us a new perspective, and we started to reassess certain areas of our life that needed rearranging.

I’m not sure when things started shifting exactly, but God began to open up and close doors and began to develop something in the both of us, that wasn’t there prior to being married.  We felt that we needed to be faithful and say “Yes”!  We are learning to let go of our preconceived ideas of what we think we are supposed to be doing and just giving our “Yes” to God and letting him take care of the rest.