MARK and ROCHELLE McARTHUR are Lovers of Jesus!  They are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and have been ministering TOGETHER in worship since being married in 2013.

Each having their own gifting in what they do,  Rochelle as a Worship Leader and Mark as a Saxophonist, have developed a sound TOGETHER that is quite unique.  Both have a passion to touch Heaven with their worship, many times being led in the prophetic to release the sounds of Heaven.  They believe a single “sound” can shift something in the Atmosphere.

In addition to working   with churches and ministries in developing their worship teams, MARK and ROCHELLE have the privilege to travel and lead worship at various churches, retreats and conferences.

TOGETHER, they have  a passion for other worshippers to walk into their full calls and destinies and have a heart to bring those that are  “hidden” away out to the forefront.